Well, here we are, two months or 60+ days since I last wrote about being grateful. That didn’t work so well, did it? Am I still grateful? Well, yes. But I have been busy, away, and dealing with a lot of stress and difficulty. So, this has completely dropped off my list of things to do. And, to be honest, there have been days when I would have struggled to write something positive. I am not sure if I will keep going. I am not sure if I want to. But I am grateful that my daughter is alive, getting healthier and fitter and finding things to be positive about. I am grateful we have survived this intense storm. I’ll be back. One day. For something. It may be sooner, it may be later. I don’t know.

Today has been quite a good day. I ran with my friend Kirsten, got a lovely text from my friend Sarah, had mum and dad over for dinner, and am with my darling daughter whom I love to infinity and beyond. The last few days have been hectic and not altogether great. Today was a fresh start and I feel good now.

Time for bed. That I am always grateful for.

I am grateful that I can cope with a lot of extra pressure and work. It’s not always easy, and I don’t always get it right, but I manage to get through and keep a level head.

So busy at the moment, so again, not a lot of regular posts. Must do better at this…

I’ve noticed that I get very busy and days go by without posting stuff. I try to catch up but lately too much has been going on. So there’s been another break of almost two weeks 🙁

It’s not that I’m not grateful – I am – but I do find that I’m so tired and want to sleep that this is the last thing I think of before bed, and it’s usually when I’ve already turned off the computer. Sigh.


Today, I’m grateful for sunny weather, red bull, and getting home in one piece.  A very long drive home from Sydney (5.5 hours) and just feeling very very tired.

Sleep will be lovely, when it comes.


I took today off. I slept really badly and today was just going to be too much for me. I was exhausted and felt like I couldn’t face 5 classes and tennis today. So I got up at 5 and sent all the necessary emails and went back to bed and slept. I feel so much better now.

OK. I harp on about it. But everytime I run again after a break I realise how much I need to run. By break I mean 5 days.  But still, it’s so good to be able to run. And it’s even better when I get to run with a friend.

I think my sister is an amazing lady. I love her so much. It took a long time for me to appreciate her, but I’m glad I do now. She was 48 yesterday. She’s beautiful and has a good heart.

I love live music. I love concerts. I love that my girls have also got the “concert” bug. It’s fun and a great thing to be able to do with my girls. Even though Deno wasn’t there, Pims and I had a great time at Eminem’s Rapture concert. Not mad on some of the music of the supports, but it was great to be there with her.

The sale of my family home has been causing me insane amounts of stress. Today our friends bought it at auction. It was a miracle. I was so happy. I am so happy. And grateful and relieved. It’s staying in our family and it will be a home for them. Yay.

It’s been tiring this week. I am glad I am loved. Joh is so good at loving me, even when I’m in the worst state. Thank you for your love.